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Firewood is sold in a variety of ways:
1. Firewood can be purchased by the 1/2 cord
2. Firewood can be purchased in a full cord.

3. On location firewood may be purchased by the piece.
Our Firewood is a mix wood, containing primarily Hardwood but a small amount of softwood.

All firewood is well seasoned, and measures in pieces approximately 18-24 inches. 

A cord of wood consists of 360 pieces of wood and is measured at 4ft x 4ft x 8ft when stacked.

A 1/2 cord of wood consists of 180 pieces of wood. 

Stacking of wood as well as @ home wood splitting is available for additional charges that are not included in the price of the wood. 

Firewood is available for pick-up as well as delivery. 

Additional Firewood Services & Products:

1. Bonfire wood is available for campfires, bonfires, etc..

2. We also offer all Hardwood either Hickory or Apple wood which is great for cooking. 

Don't forget when ordering your firewood to order your firewood starters also, these greatly help to get that fire going much quicker on a cold winter night.

Firewood starters are also available in a variety of shapes & sizes.

Firewood starters are wonderful on a cold wintery night to get your fire started quickly and efficiently.