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Pay less. Get more.Cincinnati Bell is Dayton's best deal on home phone. Sure, Cincinnati Bell and AT&T both offer local home phone service. But that's where the similarities end. With the largest local calling area, the lowest rates, free installation and award-winning customer service, Cincinnati Bell is the best deal on home phone in Dayton. 888-CIN-BELL (246-2355)

Connection. We all need it connection to family, friends and to your favorite music, photos, videos, Web sites and TV shows.
This need defines our business. And that's why we give AT&T customers access to what is perhaps the broadest array of communications and entertainment services available today. What's more, we offer compelling values and, for many, the convenience of one monthly bill or e-bill.


Stay Grounded with Verizon Phone Service

Verizon delivers more than one billion calls every day with 99.9%
network reliability.
(800) 922-0204


Vonage With Vonage's VoIP service (Voice over Internet Protocol), you make and receive calls through your high-speed broadband Internet connection using your existing home phone. Vonage converts sound into data, sends it over the Internet, and converts it back into sound at the other end. The people you talk with will never know the difference because a VoIP call sounds just like a regular phone call. 1-800-486-6590